Wrought iron elements

Dear Customer!

Products present in this catalogue are intended for individual clients and metalwork companies. Smith elements can be used in diff erent ways, both inside and outside buildings.
Giving vent to fantasy you can create your own compositions including interior decorations. Elements show in the catalogue are made by smith’s method, small diff erence in size are normal and natural. All articles are delivered in raw state, as the paint would be an obstacle in other treatment process (for example: painting balusters couldn’t be sherardized). We recommend sherardizing as the best way of protection from corrosion. Zinced products can be painted as you wish.
Completed balusters are 90–100 cm high, the main rail – 120 cm. Using a handrail and a bottom bar we obtain the eff ective height of balustrade 100–110 cm
Buying our products you have a chance to be a CREATOR OF YOUR OWN BALUSTRADE, FENCE AND BARS.

Best regards
Roman Bobicki
Company Owner

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