Dear Customers

We are pleased to present to you on the pages of this catalog, only a few of the wide implementation of the acquis in the field of restoration. Over the past 25 years we have completed work on the restoration of historic buildings over 250. The achievements we have maintenance facilities under special protection of the international organization UNESCO, and a unique historical and artistic value with the status of a historical monument. The work carries an experienced and stable team of art conservators, engineers, art historians, sculptors, artists and architects, under the supervision of authorized experts appointed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in the care of monuments.
Chemical, metallurgy and other necessary to determine the chemical composition and the dating of the object are performed in laboratories and workshops of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow.
The work we do in our well-equipped facility in laboratories, maintenance, metal, wood, sculpture, painting, foundry, non-ferrous metals and galvanic gilding and silver. The rehabilitation work on historic, Roman Bobicki was awarded by the President of the Republic of Polish high state decoration Gold Cross of Merit.

Roman Bobicki
Company Owner

Cracow, 12.11.2012

The Company's Strategy

For over 25 years we do a complete restoration of historic buildings -from design to implementation.Conservation of monuments we guided by two fundamental principles;

  • minimum interventions relying on the use of the modest measures that have an impact on the existing historic fabric
  • reversibility of the intervention, which makes it possible to eliminate the effects of conservation treatment if there is a need to return to the state before the intervention.
Maintenance is always conservative, without filling the missing pieces of the monument. If you need to make up for missing the historic tissue, expanding the reconstruction surgery, and the whole nature of the intervention becomes restaurant facility.The primary objective of the work is the most effective conservation slow degradation of the original features monument. Maintenance of accurate inventory precedes the object, archival research, historical, technical-scientific to determine the state of the work, age and historic value of individual elements of the object.These treatments are the basis for the development of the project of restoration works.Our clients include government agencies, churches, monasteries, universities, colleges and private owners of historic buildings.We invite you to work together and use our services, providing a professional and high level of service.